"OpenMe" Smart Bottle Cap System

"OpenMe" Smart pill bottle with Voice Assistants

NousLogic Home Health Omni Robot

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Medication Nonadherence

  • CDC : Dismal medication adherence rate at 50%

  • The cause of 30-50% treatment failure

  • Responsible for 125,000 deaths annually

  • Cost a staggering $289 billion a year

“OpenMe” Smart Pill Bottle

  • NFC or BLE based

  • Smart 7-Day Pill Box available (NFC based)

  • Monitors and reminds people to take their medications according to prescribed schedule

  • Reminder/notification, local or to remote caregivers via smart phone or our Smart Hub (for elderly who do not use smart phone)

  • Overdose warning, Refill reminder

  • Alexa/Google Assistant to support simple smart inquiries:

    •  ⚬ Have I taken my medication today?
    •  ⚬ How many doses have I missed this week?

Other features

  • 3 Modes of Operation: with App, with Gateway or Standalone

  • Standalone mode: When phone or wi-fi not available. Reminder/warning via sound, blinking LED light. Offline data automatically sync with smart phone when available

  • Optional dashboard/time-stamped data storage and analytics

  • Built-in QR code for 1 scan order refill (Similar to Amazon dash button 1-click order)

  • Built-in Temperature Sensor

  • Supports tampering detection after Bottle leaves pharmacy

  • Low cost yet extremely robust Smart Pill Bottle

“OpenMe” Smart Pill Bottle


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